Don’t be afraid of the journey to Diamond Head. You will find it to be a safe and comfortable one.

- Robert Haugen, 2010

02 June 2013

China Censors Urge Media to Curb ‘Cash Crunch’ Coverage – CNBC

Australia Central Bank on Hold, Says Currency to Fall More – CNBC

The Chinese Central Bank Freaked Out Over A Bank Lending Spike – Clusterstock

Let’s Take A Second To Remember How The American Banking Landscape Has Changed Since 2006 – Clusterstock

Investors Are Their Own Worst Enemies – Clusterstock

The Courage to be Utopian –

Can Bernanke Brake Without Derailing? –


30 June 2013

We’re All Going To Suffer From This Crazy, Crazy Money Printing – Jim Rogers

Mortgage Bond Prices Collapse By Most Since 1994 ‘Bond Market Massacre’ – Zero Hedge

De zeepbel zit wereldwijd stilaan aan haar plafond – Trends


APRIL 2013: Shares of value companies: The BEST store of value

APRIL 2013: The making of an ultra-safe global value-oriented investment strategy with potential AUM of +$25 billion (COMING SOON !)


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Welcome to my website. Here you can find more information about my professional competencies organised around four knowledge domains. The first domain covers the knowledge regarding quantitative value investing. Successful value investing requires the use of fundamental (valuation) criteria that are established based on the historical financial statements; the (empirical) knowledge on this subject can be found in Old-school Value Investing: Technique. Secondly value investing requires the effective application of various psychological insights; this knowledge is collected in Old-school Value Investing: Psychology. In a third knowledge domain we find The New Finance, a quantitative investment technology and corresponding perceptions developed by Robert Haugen. Finally the fourth domain deals with the knowledge about the Austrian School of Economics.

Based on these four knowledge areas various unique and quantitative (value) technologies have been developed. The quantitative techniques include:

  • a Graham-inspired value investing model focussing on financial strength;
  • a Buffett-inspired value investing model focussing on financial and operational strengths;
  • a deep value investing model;
  • a market valuation model allowing the orientation of investment strategies towards margin-of-safety countries;
  • a quantitative model inspired by the concept of a Super Stock portfolio;
  • an inductive quantitative model inspired by the insights of The New Finance.

Strategies one to four are part of Old-school Value Investing. Strategies five and six are part of The New Finance. Quantitative technologies one to five can be successfully applied in a robust way in all principal international stock markets. “Successfully” implies an investment horizon of at least (!) five years.

Old-school Value Investing: Technique
Old-school Value Investing: Psychology
The New Finance
Austrian School of Economics

Old-school Value Investing: Technique

  • Based on the investment canon of Benjamin Graham.
  • A value portfolio is established where:
    • each company in the value portfolio has the required fundamental safety margins;
    • the safety margins are defined based on the historical financial statements;
    • in the screening procedure no forecasts are introduced.
  • Investment horizon of at least (!) five years and restricted turnover on an annual basis.